Thursday, August 8, 2013

wish list

It's only August.  On one hand, I feel like this summer has gone by so fast and there is absolutely no way that it is August already.  On the other, I feel like this summer has lasted so long.  It could have something to do with the fact I have been away for 75% of the summer so far... yeah, that's probably it. First three weeks in Europe (which was AWESOME for watching what people are wearing) and then a week and a half camping in Osoyoos, British Columbia.  My liver is still recovering from that trip.

That being said, being home for the short time I have been home, I feel like school will be starting soon and in turn, so will autumn.  I absolutely love autumn.  Maybe it's the crisp air as I walk around campus in the morning, or the regularity of getting my salted caramel mocha at Starbucks, or the fact that it's perfectly acceptable to curl up in my room with a cup of coffee and just relax.  Maybe it's my birthday. Mostly it's the fashion.

Fall fashion is, again, my favorite.  Spring is nice because you get to start wearing dresses; summer brings tank tops and shorts; winter has peacoats and hats and scarves, but fall has a mix of them all.  It's acceptable to wear a pair of shorts (wear a pair of tights underneath and some boots and you're all good).  You can wear a peacoat- but wear it unbuttoned so you can see your cute top and so that you don't overheat.

Like I mentioned earlier- London was so. damn. good. for creeping on what people were wearing.  We were staying near Victoria Station, which was a pretty ritzy part of town, so people put a lot of effort into what they were wearing.  I saw dozens of girls wearing their jeans and blazers, button up tops with statement necklaces, combat boots with lace dresses, peter pan collars... et cetera.  In the states- or at least where I live- people sometimes dress up, but mostly just stick to the same consistent few outfits.

If I had the money, I would have the coolest closet ever.  Anyone who follows me on pinterest probably gets sick of my random pinning sprees.  I've been creeping around and seeing what some of the trends are going to be this fall... and there are a few things I've added to my want-list.

I was one of those girls in high school who didn't really care about what I wore.  I cared about my hair and makeup- well, makeup more consistently than hair, which would usually be thrown in a big messy bun about halfway through the day.  I would wear jeans and a Victoria's Secret Pink sweatshirt.  That was it.  I could have given zero shits about what I wore.  Most of this was because I couldn't find clothes that fit me right- I refused to shop in the plus section.  (This is another battle I'll talk about in another post).  Freshman year of college, it changed into yoga pants and sweatshirts.  I literally didn't care at all.  Then I got hired at Forever 21.  I remember thinking as soon as I got the call- this is the perfect excuse to start building a cuter wardrobe.  Working at Forever definitely helped me develop my own sense of style, and made me realize what I do and don't like, and that it's okay to take risks.  Also, fuck the rules- if you want to wear it, wear it.  I don't exactly know how I'd describe my style.. I like olive greens, blacks, and greys- but I also enjoy a cute mint chiffon top or cardigan every now and then.  It depends on the weather I guess.

So, as of today, August 8, 2013- this is my "want" list for Autumn fashion.
Keep in mind- this is only two shops: Forever 21+ and ASOS Curve.  I could go on and on, but I need to limit myself at the moment.  If I added accessories... this post would be a million miles long.
If anyone has the urge to buy me anything, you'd be my best friend forever and I would bake you a million cookies.
Kidding! But not really.

Heathered Cross Patch Top

Edgy Destroyed Skinny Jeans

Star Studded Utility Vest

Technicolor Galaxy Leggings

Lace Cutout Shirt

Edgy Spiked Flats

Duffle Coat with hood
Elbow Patch Cardigan
Swing Dress in Bird Print
Skater Skirt in Jersey
Swing Top

Denim Jacket

Biker Parka
Skater Dress in Mexican Floral

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