Monday, August 19, 2013

nine goals


Everyone has them, and achieves some of them.

I have so many little ideas fluttering around in my head around goals- both short and long term.  I figured, what better way to straighten them out by posting them online where the world can see? Ha.

Some are silly.  Some are far-fetched.  But I don't care.  These are my goals.  These are things I want to do.    Accomplishments to be made.

1. Run a 5K.
Running is something I got into (reluctantly) when I was 14 in order to train for my black belt test.  It was a short-lived hobby to say the least- as soon as I got my black belt, I stopped, and I've wanted to start again for a while but haven't done so.

2. Make my blog well known.
Or at least somewhat popular.  Enough to get comments on every post (even if it's just one!), guest post for other blogs, etc.  I want to get my name out there.  It'll take a lot of work, but I will do it!  Making money from my blog wouldn't hurt, either.

3. Graduate.
This is a given.  Unless something completely out of my control occurs: I AM GRADUATING FROM MY UNIVERSITY.

4.  Before graduation, study abroad.
After visiting London this summer, I've had an overwhelming urge to go back.  Even before we went- I've wanted to study abroad, and London sounded like a good idea, and visiting just solidified the thought.

5. Take better photographs.
I'm an amateur photographer at best.  This needs changing.  I need to make photographs I'm proud of.

6.  Get another tattoo.
Another given.  This will happen.  I love tattoos.

7.  Dye my hair red.
Not fire-engine red, but more like a ginger.  I love red hair. Love love LOVE red hair.  I want to try it at least once.

8. Work for a magazine.
As an intern.  As a writer.  As the head editor.  I don't care.  Fashion magazine, preferably.  (I just need to build my real-life closet as close to my pinterest closet as close as possible).

9. Write for Rolling Stone magazine.
Just once.  Regularly.  This is a big goal.  If I get this, I will reach the jackpot.  I will win at life.  (Or at least my life).

Do you have any goals?


  1. Nice goals Allie! You can do it! I share some with you - I really wanna do a color run 5K...maybe we could do one together?? I also want to improve my photographs and write for a magazine! Oh P.S. when and where did you get a tattoo??? And here - I'll help with goal #2 ;)

    1. I wanna do a color run too! I can start training and when time rolls around in Februrary for signups I'll see where I'm at and we can do the 2014 color run (they're usually mother's day in Seattle)! And my tattoo is on my wrist and says "xo-dad" in my dad's handwriting. Thanks for the comment ;)

  2. You can do the 5K. I have run three now and feel so good for doing so. I also wanted to study aboard in college but never applied to do it. Major regret. You are one motivated and talented person. I have no doubt you will achieve most of these if not all.

  3. I can see you doing each and every one of these things (and I will make you come running with me hehe)