Friday, August 23, 2013

want right now: forever 21

I'm an online window shopper.

By that, I mean that I go online every day and look at the same few websites and admire the beautiful clothing and think about how good it would look on me but then I don't buy it due to lack of funds.

One of the websites I look at on the daily is Forever 21+.  Normally they only add new items once or twice a week- but these past few days I swear to god they have updated daily.  It's also the beautiful time of year when there are lots of back-to-school deals, and fall is approaching (sorrynotsorry for mentioning fall in every post lately) so it's totally acceptable to be a fashion freak.

Forever 21+ has super cute clothes, but they're not the best quality.  That being said, they're usually trendy enough that they go out of style by the time they start to fall apart.  Having worked at a Forever 21 for almost a year, I'm very well aware of the quality of the clothes.  I've also purchased enough that I can usually tell just by looking at an item what size I will need.  Pathetic, right?

Anywho, I compiled a small list of the top 5 things I would love to get in my closet for fall 2013 from Forever 21.

I have always been a cat lover.  I have never shied away from a crazy cat lady joke- I fully embrace the fact that one day I will probably live alone in a house with dozens of cats.
Okay, hopefully not.  But unless I marry someone who is allergic to cats, I am having a cat.  I have always loved widdle kitties and their widdle meows and widdle whiskers... thus, the dire need for this sweatshirt to be on my body, like, five minutes ago. 

Is this sweater NOT the perfect TARDIS blue or what?!  Need. In my life.
I just got an adorable and also comfortable pair of black skinnies from Torrid that would be perfect with this sweater. And a black scarf.  And some cute flats from Targ├ęt.  God, I'm weird.

3- Forever Cool Combo Dress
First of all, Forever 21, if you have to directly tell the customer that it is "cool"- usually that's one of the biggest red flags that any store could throw at you.  I will be the judge of its coolness, thanks.  Luckily, this dress actually is cool- well, cute- and I would totally wear it.  Put it on with some tights and boots and a cute cardigan and it's totally fall-ready.

4- Studded Utility Jacket
This is kind of a cheat since I already have the same jacket in olive and wear it ALL. THE. TIME.

I also take a lot of selfies. 

BUT- This is how I justify wanting the black one:
I have also recently become obsessed with the color olive.  I have olive jeans, olive shirts, and an olive vest.   There have been many a time when I've been wearing my olive jeans and wanted to throw my olive studded utility jacket alone with it, but then I LOOK LIKE AN OLIVE.   I love me some olive, but I don't wanna look like one.  So the need for the black jacket comes in.
Is that a first world dilemma or what?

5- V-Neck Cardigan
Nothing says 'fall fashion' like maroon.  And cardigans.
This cardigan SCREAMS fall.
At least to me.
Maybe I would wear it over my 'forever cool' dress.

A little Fairly Odd humor to close out this post.

If anyone has any overwhelming urge to buy me any of these items, go right ahead.  I would love for you to stop losing sleep over my need for these things in my wardrobe.  

Happy Friday!

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