Saturday, August 17, 2013

thrift shop

I've never been one to thrift, really, until these past few years.

I've always been all about new clothes.  I thought it was absolutely awful to buy something that someone else has worn.  Why would you do that when you could just buy new clothes, that haven't been worn? Well, because I had money.  Well, my parents had money.  They were the ones buying my clothes.

It wasn't until I moved to Bellingham that I learned to appreciate stores like Value Village and Goodwill and other various consignment shops.  For those of you who don't know about Bellingham, it's a granola-crunching college town about 20 minutes from the Canadian border.  There's more than just the college, for sure- lots of families choose to live in Bellingham- but it's the young adults who make the atmosphere.

I also didn't think I could thrift as a plus size woman.  I didn't think that many plus size women would give their clothes up, especially to shops like goodwill.  Plus clothing is expensive and there's a venn diagram I've seen on the internet that completely wraps up the experience of plus size shoppers (if I find it I'll post it as an edit) but it basically says "cheap", "good quality", and "fits correctly": and then tells you to pick two.  Nothing has ever been more true for plus-size shoppers... In my experience, anyway.

Back to the point.  Where was I? Oh, right- I moved to Bellingham and learned to thrift.  I started to go to stores like Value Village and Goodwill with my roommate, Bridget, who is one of those people- you know, the ones who you bring with you and then you can suddenly find all the cute clothes.  A thrifting leprechaun of good luck.  Tawny introduced me to Labels- an awesome consignment shop in Bellingham (which now has its own plus size shop!) that has lots of cheap clothes that are cuter than those from goodwill due to the fact that they turn away clothes that aren't trendy enough.

I've slowly started to find more and more clothing at thrift shops, not to mention furniture for our new home.  Here's a small collection of some of my favourite finds from thrift shops in Bellingham that my roommates and I have found.

Vases- Goodwill $.99-$1.99

Shelf which has been 100% filled with my extensive mug collection
Value Village - $14.99

Caridgan - Value Village $7.99

Vintage Instamatic Camera - Value Village $3.99

Polaroid Painting- Value Village $3.99 

Horizontal Running Team shirt (fat amy FTW!) - Value Village $5.99

Flats- Label's $15.99

Rug - Value Village $9.99
Tray - Goodwill $2.99

I'll probably do another post later on how we furnished our house on a college budget- lots more thrift store, dollar store, and target clearance finds. You have no idea how the word "clearance" makes me feel, especially at target.  Ohhh boy.  That's another day.

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