Wednesday, August 21, 2013

august 2013 playlist

I know I totally wrote a Summer Playlist 2013, but soon after I got sick of that playlist and made a whole new one.

These are songs I've been obsessed with since then. 
This playlist is actually larger than the others- but I'm only writing about five of the songs because these are my favourite of the playlist. 

1.  Comes and Goes in Waves | Greg Laswell

"This one's for the torn down, the experts at the fall; Come on friends get up now, you're not alone at all."

I know I've mentioned it a LOT, but it still stands true- I can't wait for fall.  This song reminds me of being a little gloomy on a fall day, curled up in my room with a hot cup of coffee in my hands, with this blasting in my headphones.  It's a total feel-better song with beautiful acoustic guitar.  It sounds like overcast 45° weather, if that makes any sense.  But only on a day where you're happy to see the clouds rather than the sun.

2.  Dirty Paws | Of Monsters and Men 

Of Monsters and Men was all over the radio with Little Talks (which I totally rocked out to while driving down the I-5, pretending there was a dude next to me singing the dude part of the song, but alas..) but dirty paws caught my attention way quicker.  These guys sound like a little more folk-y version of The XX, and I can't get enough of them right now.

3.  Hopeless Wanderer | Mumford and Sons

Again, Mumford.  Like a good pair of jeans, Mumford is classic and works with every mood ever.  Coralie played this song a lot while we were camping in Osoyoos, and when I gave it a listen at home, I found the music video, and oh. my. god.  If you watch any of these videos I post, make this one your first priority.  As a 19 year old girl with a taste for older men named Jason, this video speaks to me.  I guess the song's okay too.

4.  Safe and Sound | Capital Cities 

This is a total windows-down-sunglasses-on-hair-blowing-in-the-wind summer song.  
That is all.

5.  O Alexandra | Said the Whale 

Sweet Caroline, Roxanne, Mambo No. 5- these are all songs that have women's names in them.  As an Allie/Alexandra, I have never had the privilege. Until this song. Well, there is "Aly Walk With Me" but it's not spelled right.  Humph.
Not only is this song totally written about me (duh), the lyrics are freaking adorable.

"Oh Alexandra, 
So completely undeniable 
So completely beautiful 
You teach me to sing again 
So sweetly I will sing for you 
If you let me in"

Tell me those words didn't make your heart grow three sizes and I'll shank you.

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  1. OMFG.
    Hopeless Wanderer = best video EVER!

    1. Right?!?!? Jason Bateman + Jason Sudeikis + Mumford song + lols = BEST. VIDEO. EVER.