Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Lately I've been finding myself either in the company of people who like to spoil me (thanks mom!) and having a little extra cash from working a ton. That being said, I've been spoiling myself a little more than usual lately and here's what I've been spending my $$$ on.

Bonjour Cosmetic Brush Set - $4.90, Forever 21 | Heart earrings - $3.80, Forever 21 | Necklace - $6.80, Forever 21

I bought this little brush set because it was cheap, gold and had both an eyebrow brush and a comby-thingy brush. Is that the real name for it? It is now. I recently lost my angled brush that I used for my eyebrows religiously, so I'm excited to have a real one again.

The earrings called my name. That is all I have to say about those.

This necklace! I am obsessed with long necklaces (short necklaces don't sit quite right on me) and the structure of it. I also love where it sits.

This length is perfect. I'm excited to wear this with a plain black shirt once the weather allows it.

PS - can you tell I'm on a gold kick right now? Everything I bought today has gold on it. (Almost everything.)

Chuck Taylor Classic Converse in White $50, Nordstrom

I've wanted a pair of plain white converse for a long time and my mom bought them for me while I was visiting her last week. I also got a grey pair since Nordstrom was having a 2 for $75 deal. SCORE.

Soap & Glory Hand Food Mini - $6, Sephora

One time, I went into Sephora and only spent $6.

Today was that day.

After lusting over Soap & Glory products in Sephora for a good five minutes, I walked away and thought "no, I don't need it." Isaac and I walked out of Sephora, continued shopping and came back into Sephora on our way out. As we were leaving for the second time, this little baby popped out on me and screamed, "buy me!" and I did.

Note: This is the smallest amount of money I will ever spend at Sephora. End note.

Pumpkin Harvest Candle - $19.99, Kohl's | Farmstand Apple Candle - $22.50, Bath and Body Works

Now that it's September, I've been obsessed with candles again. This Farmstand Apple scent is the perfect transitional scent from summer to fall because it's fresh and crisp, but the apple reminds me o cider. The Pumpkin Harvest candle actually smells nothing like pumpkin, but rather apple, pear and cranberry. Hey, fine by me. Welcome to the candle party, Pumpkin Harvest. 

I'm just waiting for these candles to totally burn out so I can use my actual pumpkin candle. 

Planner - $23 | Ninj and Ninj via Etsy 

Pretty florals, vulgarity and hand-lettering all on top of a beautifully designed planner for the school year. Hell yeah.



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