Monday, September 22, 2014


1. End-of-summer sunsets.

Could that view get any better?

We're so lucky to live in the town that we do, with the view that we have.

2. Day trips with Isaac.

Sometimes the stars cross and we both get a day off work. The same day, even. So on those days, we like to do silly things like drive to the mall (one we don't work at) and just shop.

Also, that part of the sidewalk was sparkly, hence the feet photo. My legs look weeeeeird. 

3. Wavy hair.

Lately I've been trying to get my hair a little healthier (I use heat almost every day.... heat plus bleach do not a healthy head make) so I've been letting it air dry. My hair is naturally... indecisive, as in some days, it's curly, some days it's just frizzy, but lately it's been the kind of beach-y waves that I love. Thanks, hair. You've got my back. Er, head.

4. Candles.

I'm all for super fall-y scents, including my favorite — Flannel by Bath and Body Works. This candle will make your room smell like a sexy man just walked through it and blessed you with his presence... and scent. If I don't have a boyfriend, I might as well have a candle that smells like one... right?

5. Converse shoes.

I had my first pair of Converse shoes when I was 13. They were white and had penguins on them. Penguins. Now, I've grown out of my "I'm so random! I love penguins! xD" phase, but Converse are still just as much of a must-have today as they were seven years ago. I'm currently wearing the life out of my white pair and have yet to love my grey ones as much. When fall comes around, I'm sure they'll get a fair amount of wear.


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