Monday, September 8, 2014


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I've noticed that I've got a few more followers from Facebook, Bloglovin and Twitter recently! Hiiiii! Thanks for following!

You may or may not know these little tidbits about me. I tag anyone who wants to fill this out to post it on their blog with their own answers!

Name: Alexandra/Allie
Age: 20 (21 next month!)
Height: 5'7"Hair Color: BlondeEye Color: BlueReligion: NoneEthnicity: French and a whole lotta other white
Status: Single


Color? Pink and blue
Hair Style? Beachy waves or straight
Food? Teriyaki
Soda? Coke
Alcoholic Beverage? Wine or cider
Store? Sephora, Torrid
Mall? That I've been to? Southcenter mall
State? Washington? Not entirely sure.
City? Seattle

Animal? Peacocks
Movie? Across the Universe
Tv show? Doctor Who

Anime? Uhh
Book? The Pact by Jodi Picoult

Music? A lot of different stuff
Song? Blackbird - The Beatles
Band/Artist? The Beatles, Muse and Green Day
Website? Bloglovin and Pinterest


Soda or Juice? Juice
Music or Internet? DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE PLS
Rock or Rap? Rock
Cats or Dogs? Either
White or Black? White
Cell-Phone or IPod? Cell phone (Spotify, hell yeah)
Curly hair or Straight hair? On me, curly
Lap top or Computer? Laptop
Mountain Dew or Pepsi? Pepsi
Phone or Internet? Internet

Summer or Winter? Winter
Going out or staying in? I like both!


What do you do on your spare time? Internet. Play with makeup.
What do you wish you had more time for? Getting organized and going to the gym
What's your usual clothing style? Lately, black, black, black.

What's your usual hair style? Top knot
What are you wearing? Work leggings and black shirt
Are you single or taken? Single
Who would you die for? My family and friends.
What do you think of one night stands? You do you.
Who's your Bestfriend? I'm lucky enough to have more than one

Do you have any pets? Nope
Do you plan on getting married? Eh.
Do you plan on having kids? Also eh

How old do you wish you were? 21 PLEASE
If you were to be anywhere right now where would it be? Sleeping in my bed.
Ever gone camping? Many times
Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain? Snowboarding, yes.
Ever gone to church? I was in Christian school for 3 years
Ever gone to a famous water park? Yep
Ever gone out of state? Yep
Ever gone out of the country? 
When was the last time you left town? A while ago

What year were you born in? 1993
What do you do in the summer time? Stay inside.
Are you naturally tanned? Not at all.
Do you live in a house? Yep, I live with four roommates
What do you have on your mind? Chocolate chips.
What time is it? 10:28 p.m.

That's a little about me! If you fill this out, leave it in the comments so I can read it!


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