Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi friends!

Today, I received my Ipsy. I'd like to get into the habit of blogging about these monthly, so here's this month! (Check out last month here if you're curious. There's a kitten involved.)

Getting my Ipsy Glambag is always one of the highlights of my month. I love getting the email that it has shipped, that my glamroom is open and then of course opening my mailbox to find the coveted pink bubble envelope.

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Without further adieu, here's what I received!

Those edges. AHHH. I am dying.
First things first, I am in. LOVE. with this bag. Last month's bag wasn't too appealing, but as soon as I saw this design I was head over heels for July's bag, no matter what was inside. I love the color and the scalloped edges. I'll definitely be throwing all of my beauty-on-the-go picks in this bag and using that in my purse instead of the ugly less than appealing one I have right now. It's a good size, too, so that will be fab. 

The stuff inside the bag is okay, too, I guess.

pūr~lisse pūr~protect essential daily moisturizer (~$16.18 for .5oz)
I love that this is an spf30 moisturizer. I'll probably throw it into my every day makeup bag to bring it in my purse. The tiny SPF 30 I have in there right now (that I actually got in my May Ipsy) will NOT blend in and makes my skin look even whiter than it naturally is, soooooo I'm happy to replace it. This sunscreen goes on quite nicely and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or too shiny.

pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink (~$8.40 for .06 oz)
This is a conveniently-sized balm in a pretty sheer color. The past pixi products I have received have been some of my favorite and this is no exception. The color I received, Uniquely Pink, is a very very light pink that has almost no color once on my lips. I'll throw this in my bag!

BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Cream Eyeshadow (~$6.00 for sample size)
One of the first makeup brands I ever used was BareMinerals, and although I've steered away from it as I got older I still appreciate their products. (Thanks, mineral veil, for being light enough for 13-year-old me!) This cream eyeshadow claims to do a lot: last 12 hours, work as a supercharged primer, contain brightening benefits, smooth the appearance of lines and protect with SPF 15. I never believe anything that has those giant claims. I'm sure it would work well as a primer - it's a nice neutral color that would work well as a base, but can an eyeshadow really smooth appearance of lines? And I'll stick to something with an SPF of at least 30, thanks. Overall, this is a nice neutral and sheer color that I like, and the consistency is nice.

Clear Clinic Vanished Clear Spot Treatment (~$9.33 for 2mL)
I really hope this stuff works. For whatever reason, my skin has been terrible lately and breaking out all over the place. I'll put this stuff to use and report back later with whether this works or not.

Models Own in Red Sea (~$8.54 for full-size bottle)
I'm not a huge fan of glittery topcoats like this, but it could be fun for summer. I'll probably end up handing it over to my niece.

Overall, I received roughly $50 worth of products for $10. Woo! I love my Ipsy so much. I'm excited to use all of these new products.


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