Sunday, September 8, 2013


Last week is gone.  A new one's started.  This happens a lot.  52 times a year, more or less.

I thank instagram for allowing me to make my life look prettier than it actually is.

(1) I couldn't sleep.  It was dark and scary and I was home alone in a century-old house for the first time and the fire alarm decided to warn me at 5 AM that it's in need of a battery change.

(2) Does that not look comfortable as hell?

(3) Grabbed some Pho at Pho 99 with Bridget and Nolan.  Bridget sneezed funny, Nolan and I laughed, and the people behind us gave us the nastiest looks for thinking it was funny.

(4) Checked out the new Winco in Bellingham (I've never been before, and holy shit, this store is awesome and perfect for college students because it's so cheap) and decided to buy some lemon cupcake mix.  Spontaneous lemon cupcakes are the best kind of cupcakes.

(5) A beautiful foggy, pre-autumn morning from the back porch.  

(6) Waiting with my roommate Pagio for my other roommate Burgita to get off work and come to ze mall with us. 

(7) Some pink moscato and, again, the view from our back porch.  I kind of love that view.  Prepare to see a lot of it.

(8) Went to Canada for the day to celebrate a friend's birthday, and Burgita took a picture of me on the railroad tracks.  Normally I'm the one behind the camera, so it was pretty neat to get a few photos. 

(9) Just another chill morning in my room.  

Small life update: I'm employed again! I'll be working at Forever 21 again, as a stock associate this time.

I'm also currently obsessed with these songs.

I also changed my URL from "allietriestoblog" to "shortforalexandra".  I won't change it again.  Promise.

I'll post more next week.  I've been pretty low-key this week.  Sorry, all 4 avid readers of my blog.

PS! I hit 1,000 views on this blog.  Thanks for reading, everyone.