Friday, September 20, 2013

class must-haves

I'm admitting defeat.

By that, I'm admitting that school does indeed start on Wednesday, and I'll be beginning my 3rd year at university.

This summer has been absolutely amazing- kicking off with memorial day weekend at the Gorge seeing some of my favorite musicians, then going to five countries in Europe (six if you count the Frankfurt airport, and two continents if you agree that Turkey is in Asia and not Europe), and then camping in the Okanogan for a week and a half.  On top of all that, I moved from a tiny apartment to a three-story house.  I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my summer.

Now, it's time for fall.  It's time for sweaters and pumpkins and candles and iOS7 and corn mazes and crispy leaves and clouds and halloween and all that jazz.

Salted Caramel // Haggen
Apple Cinnamon // Dollar Tree

Yesterday I took the seven minute walk from my house to campus (super close!) and picked up my books for my classes and got some school supplies.

I'm one of those crazy people who goes nuts over office supplies.  As a kid, I loved getting new markers and pencil crayons and regular crayons, and as I got older that transitioned into pencils and notebooks and Peechee folders and highlighters.  I'm pretty sure it had something to do with my dad bringing me home random office supplies- yellow lined paper, tri-tip highlighters, and pens with "Safeco" on them.

There's a stigma regarding college kids- freshman year you buy pretty much everything you can find, and senior year you buy notebooks and pens.  I've definitely learned to downsize, but I still end up buying more than "normal".  I just frikken love supplies.  What can I say?

1- Post It Notes
Essential for tagging pages in textbooks and keeping track of where you are in your planner.  Also for leaving fun notes all over your roommate's rooms.

2- Miro 7x10 Canvas Notebook
Canvas covers and 100% post-consumer recycled paper.  Plus, it's nice paper that passes my 'writing' test- I'm picky about how pencils and pens write on paper.  The campus bookstore makes some generic notebooks (I don't know what else to call them, but they're also 100% post-consumer recycled paper but it just isn't very good paper in my opinion) but this one looks better and has nicer paper.  It's got 200 sheets of paper, so I'll probably need another notebook at some point in the quarter because I still prefer taking notes by hand rather than on the computer, but it's definitely one I won't mind replacing.

3- Plastic folders
For holding syllabi and rough drafts of any articles I'll be writing for the school newspaper. Aaaah!

4- Staedtler Highlighter Pens
In the prettiest colors I could find.

5- Pentel E-Sharp .5mm Mechanical Pencil
Another pencil that passes my standards.

miro notebook // highlighter // pencil

6- 2014 Paper Source Pool Academic Date Book
When it comes to schoolwork I rely on my planner like crazy.  I swear I spent half an hour looking all over The Paper Source in Bellevue looking for just the right planner.  It's a little spendy- $33.95- but still cheaper than Erin Condren planners and absolutely adorable inside.  Plus it comes with stickers.

7- Pilot G2 Assorted Pens
When taking notes, it's easy to get bored.  A long time ago I heard someone say that taking notes in different colors not only allows you to categorize them, but also keeps it visually fun and makes it easier to read when reviewing your notes.

You now know what I'm doing this week.

Finally, textbooks.  Not a supply, but a necessity (depending on the class).

That's not all of them, I just have yet to dig them out from under my bed.

What are your favorite things about back-to-school or just fall in general?

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  1. I use the G2 pens, and switch off colors in class, when my professor made it sound like something may be an essay question on a test. Bestm