Thursday, August 21, 2014


For a 'beauty blogger' and someone who works for a cosmetics company, I have terrible eyebrows.

Er, had.

Some of my friends and family may know that about a month ago I was hired at Benefit Cosmetics within Macy's, which I have been loving. I love that I get to gawk about makeup with other people who are just as fanatical as me, and I also get to help people buy some of their first makeup ever. It's not just young women either — I've helped some older women pick out some first-ever makeup!

Anywho, eyebrows are a crucial part of Benefit Cosmetics. Many Benefit locations have a Brow Bar, which is essentially a little place where you can get your brows (and lips and cheeks and chin) waxed. Our location happens to have one.

Back to the start of this post. For too long, my brows have been awful. I've not had them waxed in more than a year. I've tried at-home waxing but it just doesn't last as long. I kind of just gave up when it came to my brows; I wouldn't fill them in, tweeze them or anything else... I just let them grow.

See those bad boys? Ugh. I'm thankful to have blonde hair because otherwise I would have two giant caterpillars on my face, and the light hair helped soften the blow.

Benefit loves to preach about great brows and talk about how important they are to part of your makeup routine. I agree, they are, but I guess I didn't practice what I preached. Women would come ask me to help them with their brows and I felt like someone that couldn't be trusted. Yes, I'm aware that I'm totally looking into this and it's probably just me.

Since the day I started, one of my lovely coworkers — Sarah —has been dying to fix my brows. There have been a few times when we've talked about it, but I've just never really had the money until this paycheck.

Today, I finally had Sarah do my brows and oh. my. god. My face looks totally different.

Not only did I have my brows waxed and shaped, but tinted, too. Now, they're looking a little darker than they were when I left work but they'll fade soon enough.

I was facetiming my best friend, Nathan, this afternoon and one of the first things he said was "oh my god, you actually have eyebrows." Even he noticed the difference.

To fill these bad boys in, I'll probably be using what I normally use when I fill in my brows; an e.l.f. angled brush and the color Naked 2 from my Naked Basics palette. It has the perfect color for my ashy-blonde hair without making them look too unnatural.

If you have a chance, I'd recommend seeing a Benefit Brow Bar because they truly know what they're doing. They also cover up your redness before you leave so that you don't look like you just got waxed as you continue your shopping!

The lovely Sarah and myself! Thanks again, Sarah! PS you're famous on the internet now. ;)

Do you have any suggested brow products? What's your current brow routine?



  1. I am going to come and get my brows done! They look great :)

  2. You eyebrows look gorgeous!!! It's quite amazing to see how much eyebrows can frame a face - I always define my eyebrows as I feel it does make everyone look better! :)

    Layla xx