Monday, August 11, 2014


I am not a summer creature.

I live for the days where I get to layer up in a sweater, jeans and combat boots. Sitting in my room with some candles going and listening to the rain hit the window is my idea of a good time. But for now... it's summer, and it's hot as balls outside.

Yesterday, my little sister, Riley; my roommate, Paige and I decided to brave the heat and go to Locust Beach in Bellingham. Locust isn't a super water-y beach, if that makes sense. The tide was out when we got there, so if you wanted to actually swim you have to walk to freakin' narnia to get to water that was deep enough.

We took the small 5-minute trek from the parking lot to the beach and set up our little perch.

As soon as we laid down, we realized that it was about a million degrees hotter on the ground than it was if you were standing up. Probably because of the rocks or something. I decided this was a good time to not sit there and get all sweaty so I got up and started snapping some photos.

Despite the SPF 70 on my face and SPF 50 the rest of me, I still managed to come home pink. Go me!

After about an hour and a half in the sun, we decided we were too hot and miserable and wanted some gelato. I've finished my sun quota for the week.

Next time we go here, I'd like to remember to a) bring a book and b) wear MORE sunscreen.

Today, Riley and I are off to go see the Arctic Monkeys in Seattle. Not in the sun. Indoors. WOO.



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