Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{hello, summer}

It's Wednesday, June 12, 2013 and today is my first day of "summer" break.
I put summer in quotations because it is not technically summer yet, nor is the weather remotely summer-like, but that's what the university is calling it for now.
Well, technically, it's still finals week, but I finished my last final at 8:45 this morning so helloooo, early break for me!

All of my roommates are leaving on Friday, including myself, but the difference is that I'm coming back next week to have the apartment for myself.  It's always weird staying by yourself because it's kind of nice at first to be able to do whatever you want whenever you want and not worry about intruding on anyone, but after about 6 hours, it gets lonely. I'll only be up here for a few days, and that will be to pack up my room and to pack for Europe (squeeee!) and then it's back down to Seattle I go, and then to Frankfurt (very briefly), and then Rome, and then all over the place.

This year brought me SO many ups and downs (later post).  I've encountered some shit that no one should ever ever ever have to go through, and had some highs that everyone should experience at least once.

But, I guess in short, hello, new blog. Right now I can't think of a clever name at the moment but I just really wanted to start a new blog and waiting for a new phone to come in the mail makes you really anxious so you do whatever you can to pass the time (including creating a really shitty blog header).  As Coralie told me, I will think of one eventually, but right now nothing is coming to me. Brain overload? Maybe. Too much studying will do that to you.

Au revoir (for now),

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