Friday, January 10, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Soooo, this post is a little late, but whatevs.

2014 is in full swing, and it seems everyone is abiding by the "new year, new me" principle (which I think is absolutely hilarious. why do you need to wait for a new year to become someone else?) That being said, I've got a couple little goals in mind for this year that I want to put in writing and on the internet so that when December 31st rolls around I can look back at this post and think "oh, did I actually get that done? YES I DID. or no I didn't."

1. Get a little more daring with clothing.

Now by daring, I don't mean revealing, or wear totally weird clothes, although Forever 21 does have some pretty strange stuff in their plus section online that I would never, ever wear.  Whenever I look at my teeny-tiny closet, I realize that about 2/3 of what I own is black.  I have very little color in my wardrobe, and if I do, it's usually blue or olive green. I don't know what my deal is with the color black- I just subconsciously go for black clothes.  I want to burst out of my comfort zone! I want to start wearing colors, start wearing those clothes that have that strange pop (for example, the leggings I bought yesterday that have a leather strip down the side. whaaa?).

Which leads me into resolution number 2:

2. Start documenting said outfits.

I follow a bunch of style bloggers on Bloglovin, tumblr, instagram, etc., and I love seeing pretty new outfits pop up on my feed.  Whenever I feel like my outfit is stellar, I'll try to grab a pretty picture of it and post it on my blog.  I want my blog to be a little more style and plus-lady fashion based, and  time and time again, I've heard "write what you would want to read." And that's what I like to read. I'm still gonna keep this blog pretty personal, which leads me into resolution... 3!

3. Blog more!

Write more. Photograph more. Post more. At least once a week. Twice a week, on a good week.

4. Run a 5K.

I've already signed up for my Very First 5K, which will be in Cloverdale BC on May 31st.  My lovely Coralie asked me on New Years Day if I wanted to sign up, and on a whim, I did.  This means now that I actually have to start training for said 5K.  Maybe if I like it I'll do another one. Who knows? I love how I feel when I run, (or more accurately, after I run) and I love the groove I get into when I exercise a lot.  This isn't exactly because I want to lose weight- I just want to exercise more, and if I happen to lose a few pounds, cool. If I gain some, cool. Which brings me into my final resolution...

5. Get more serious about the whole body-love warrior thing.

I'm a firm believer that everyone should love their body.  Every body is beautiful.  Your fat body, your skinny body, no matter your size, color, abilities- your body is a very beautiful thing, and it's the only one you're going to get.  You are capable of so much.  I could go on and on and on in this post about why body positivity is important and why I'm such an advocate of it, but this year I want to spread the word that you should love your body regardless of what you look like.

Transitions are weird.

Until later!

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